one on one customized photography lessons are now being offered via the zoom platform or in-person. contact via email for more info or to arrange a date and time.
My part ii photography lesson is now available online as a series of short videos! This is perfect for these trying times when we are stuck at home.

you will learn:
- the characteristics and nature of all photographs including the essence of what defines a still photograph
- how to properly examine and look at a photograph
- where meaning from a photograph comes from and how to get it
- what art is and how to make your eyes see like an artist
- how to examine your own photography from an objective perspective
(***please note: this lesson has been developed for local kitimat photographers. if you are from kitimat, a former student or a new student of mine, and would like to view this material, send me an email and I will direct you to a link where you can download.)


New Zine available! "Time and Space" 92 pages, 168 photographs
22.39 CAD for 8.5 by 11 magazine
5.99 CAD for instant download pdf
get it here!

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